The Importance of Environmental Remediation in Boston, MA

When it comes to a development project, construction companies are responsible for environmental remediation in Boston, MA. Deep in the Earth’s soil and water, toxins from pollution and other materials could absorb into the dirt that is being removed. If the project is for any residential or commercial development, then removing contaminants is essential. Whether you’re planning on buying or selling land, need structural demolition, or are working on a major renovation, you have to go through the environmental remediation process by law based on EPA regulations.

To put it simply, contaminated land can cause significant harm and problems for everyone involved. The first ones to be directly exposed to these toxins are the workers in the construction zone. That’s why environmental remediation consists of the following checklist:

Groundwater Remediation: Clearing out pollutants that may be running in underground water; usually, this is caused by landfills, industrial spills, and chemicals.

Soil Remediation: Removing pollutants from the ground soil, such as heavy metals, hydrocarbons, creosote, and chemicals that cause damage to the land.

Surface Water Remediation: Easier to decontaminate since it’s above ground, however likely to have much more pollutants and harmful chemicals due to exposure.

Sediment Remediation: Soil, sand, organic material, or other materials accumulated at the bottom of any body of water, where toxic materials can settle and gather in high volumes.

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