What Qualifies as “Complex” Metal Buildings

When you think of metal buildings in Boston, MA, it is easy to think everything comes pre-engineered or prefabricated. The truth is, when you are working with a construction company in Boston, you will instantly recognize that almost anything you order is custom-made to fit your needs.

While this customization is available for every building, the level of customization complexity can change dramatically depending on your needs. That is what turns a standard metal building into a complex metal building.

Some of the different ways a metal building project can qualify as a complex build include:

Complicated Roof Designs – The addition of hips and valleys.

Aesthetic Features – Embellishments and complex geometries that can make your building more striking.

Additional Floors – The addition of a basement or additional floors can add to the complexity of the structure.

Auxiliary Loads – A facility that requires structurally-mounted equipment can increase the design loading substantially.

Long Bays – Increasing the space between vertical supports.

Codes and Loads – Code changes and local differences in snow, wind, seismic activity, temperatures, energy, and occupancy can all require more work being put into your building.

Hangers – Buildings that are built to house aircraft typically require additional work to create accommodating high-fold doors and structural supports.