Rely on Us for Waterway Remediation Services in Boston, MA

Remediation refers to the action of remedying something. Water damage remediation services in Boston, MA, means to reverse the damage caused by unwanted water accumulation. In other words, remediation is the process of cleaning, drying, sanitizing, and repairing structural damage caused by water. Experts in remediation services, like those at Deloury Industries, know that when water damage happens, three key steps are needed for a thorough remediation process.

Dry It Out

The first step in a water remediation service is removing all standing water. Deloury Industries uses professional-grade industrial extractors, wood floor drying systems, air movers, sub-floor drying systems, and high-quality blowers and dryers to remove water. The remaining water vapor is dried using desiccant dehumidification and freeze-drying.


The next step is to sanitize the affected area. Water damage in a remediation service is often grouped into white, grey, and black water. White water refers to damage caused by an overflowing sink or tub and is easy to clean and sanitize. Grey and black water are harmful to human health because they leave behind toxins, sewage, and bacteria. Professional cleaning methods are needed to eliminate these.

Repair & Restoration

Water can warp or damage ceilings, floors, and walls, so these affected areas must be repaired, replaced, or restored. Carpets are often the worst spots affected by floodwater and often need to be cleaned, dyed, stretched, or replaced.