environmental remediation

What You Should Know About Environmental Remediation

Once a building has been demolished, the site itself may need attention to render it safe and healthy. In other words, it might require environmental remediation.

Our construction company in Boston, MA, Deloury Industries, is happy to provide you with some insight on remediation. This is an important step that a contractor can undertake to ensure the site is suitable for future use.

A reliable construction company will perform remediation by removing contaminants and avoiding any further spread of the pollutants. There are many different environmental remediation methods, and they often depend on the chemicals or toxic substances present. Some remediation will take place on the site with the soil or water treated without it being removed. Other jobs may call for removing the contaminated soil and disposal in a landfill, for instance.

Whichever one is right for the worksite you have in mind, it’s essential to take precautions to avoid any risk to workers or individuals in the area. You also need to follow all environmental regulations for remediation, disposal, and monitoring of the location.

Deloury Industries is available to help with your project if you need assistance or direction. Remediation can be challenging to do safely and completely, so reach out if you have questions.