What Not To Do When Choosing A General Contractor

Planning a project can be exciting, but don’t let that enthusiasm blind you to choosing a trustworthy general contractor in Boston, MA. There are three key elements to consider before signing a contract for any project.

Their Bid is the Lowest for a Reason

No insurance, cutting corners, saving on inferior materials, and paying low wages are ways contractors try to save money. Check references, verify insurance coverage, and ask to see previous work before committing to any general contractor.

Don’t Pay Until The Work Is Done

While a deposit on their services may be standard, never pay for everything upfront. Most general contractors will have supplier accounts to cover the material costs and are prepared to start work without requesting full payment. If they do, walk away.

No Contract Equals No Contractor

Getting it in writing is one of the only ways that you are protected should something go wrong. You want to know what each party is responsible for before your contractor starts work. A verbal agreement won’t hold water if there is a problem during construction.

While you don’t want to cast doubt on every company you speak to, you should be proactive. If they are a legitimate business, they will understand your desire to vet their services.

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