The Use of an Excavator for Construction Sites

Excavators are a powerful tool for preparing construction sites and demolishing buildings. Construction companies always trust an excavator in Boston, MA, for their various projects. Knowing which the right choice is can keep your project running on time and within budget.


When you need stability, the crawler excavator is the answer. It runs on two tracks, like a tank, and is built to withstand steep grades and uneven terrain.


Primarily used on large-scale civil engineering projects, the dragline excavator is a good choice for larger worksites. It has a hoist system that the operator uses to drag the bucket toward the machine’s cab.


Suction excavators release a water jet to loosen the ground and then use a vacuum system to pull out soil and debris. They are ideal for underground applications.

Skid Steer

A skid steer’s boom and bucket face away from the driver, offering more maneuverability in tight spaces. Construction and excavation companies use them mostly for digging pools and debris removal.


As its name suggests, the long-reach excavator has an extended arm and boom. It is useful for hard-to-reach locations, over water, and demolition projects.

These machines are essential on worksites, so construction companies are now hiring drivers with experience operating them. If you think excavator operations are in your future, consider contacting Deloury Industries.