The Steps to Making a New Road

Road Construction in Boston, MARoads are the foundation of a connected society. Without them, people would have trouble moving from one place to another, and the economy would halt to a standstill. As such, there always seems to be a high demand for road construction in Boston, MA.

Despite their necessity, many factors come into building a new road–and they range from administrative obstacles to practical issues on the worksite. This post will briefly cover the different steps to road construction.

From Start to Finish

First things first: most projects involving roads will require a healthy amount of planning and preparation. City planners and local governments will need to make careful decisions on where to place new roads. This can include working with the community, zoning considerations, and determining whether a proposed stretch of land is the best fit for the situation. Preparing the worksite will require if the land can be used for roads and similar development initiatives.

After determining where road construction should take place, it is time to work with a road construction contractor. While there will be a bidding process to determine who gets to build the road, building roads has general steps that apply to virtually all situations. They are:

  • Land Clearing and Grubbing
  • Site Leveling
  • Underground Infrastructure Mapping
  • Curbing
  • Paving
  • Concrete Sidewalk Installations
  • Lighting Installation

Naturally, the circumstances of the project will determine the length and complexity of that each step will take. All in all, road construction is a vital type of project that allows the rest of society to function.