Snow Melting Equipment in Boston, MA

Snow Melting Equipment in Boston, MAAn increasing number of snow and ice management professionals that haul large amounts of snow have found alternative methods to avoid high snow hauling costs. Snow melting equipment in Boston, MA, is the trend that is helping some firms save money.

These large machines resemble dumpsters and are hauled to the commercial customer’s site using a semi or a pickup truck. Mountains of snow are loaded into them, and then a heating element melts it all into a liquid, which flows out from the machine. The process can often rid a whole site of snow without a single trip in a dump truck.

The biggest users of snow melting equipment have typically been municipalities, airports, and military bases, but we’ve seen an uptick in their use among private contractors, especially in urban areas that don’t have the areas to dump large amounts of snow.

Avoiding snow farms isn’t the only benefit. Firms that use snow melting equipment have seen significant cuts in equipment and labor costs. A lean snow melting crew needs only one employee plowing and piling and another loading and melting. A hauling crew is similar until you add dump truck drivers. The biggest advantage to consider is how this equipment will make snow removal companies more efficient and save customers money.