Estimating the Cost of Environmental Remediation

creekEarly project stage cost estimating can be a challenge. Sometimes a company will supply a “best guess” and base their estimate on incomplete information. An experienced company will provide a report based on a comprehensive understanding of the situation. As a result, your environmental remediation services in Boston, MA, will cost what you expect, and Are no unpleasant surprises.

Compiling Diverse Data

Remediation estimates do have limitations, but typically both parties understand that fact. Despite the constraints, key elements of a remediation cost estimate should still include:

  • Unit cost basis – are they using professional judgment, real-world experience, or contractor quotes


  • How the site is delineated in regard to contaminants of concern


  • How the site is physically defined by groundwater, soil types, etc.


  • Remediation timeline – is the project slated for weeks, months, or years


  • Regulatory, permitting, engineering, and legal costs


  • Extended operation and maintenance specifications

All of these considerations should be clearly defined and tied to their dollar amounts. It’s also practical to have the ability to add updates line by line so the cost remains accurate throughout the project.

The Bottom Line

The primary consideration for most remediation service estimates is the price. Take the time to provide a thoughtful quote, so your preliminary total is as close as possible to the actual total at the end of the project.

Types of Utility Infrastructure We Handle at Deloury

Deloury construction site An experienced contractor like you knows the importance of careful preplanning for a project. You want everything in order so that you can perform the work effectively and maintain your schedule. Projects of all sizes may require excavation for infrastructure installation. When organizing a team of contractors and subcontractors to assist in your work, you want experienced individuals. Improve your project with our construction services in Boston, MA.

We Can Dig It

Digging in the wrong place can be dangerous and potentially costly if you hit an underground electric, water, or gas line. You can avoid excavation accidents when you turn to Deloury. Our experienced crew is skilled at performing a range of underground work that helps you do quality construction. We can excavate for installation and maintenance of electrical, water, and natural gas systems using durable and versatile equipment.

Is your building project near a major roadway? We have the tools and experience to do excavation and related services that come with minimal disruption. Our company is especially skilled at installing sanitary and storm systems when you need assistance with site development.

Reach out to us to discuss the specific construction services you need.


environmental remediation

What You Should Know About Environmental Remediation

Once a building has been demolished, the site itself may need attention to render it safe and healthy. In other words, it might require environmental remediation.

Our construction company in Boston, MA, Deloury Industries, is happy to provide you with some insight on remediation. This is an important step that a contractor can undertake to ensure the site is suitable for future use.

A reliable construction company will perform remediation by removing contaminants and avoiding any further spread of the pollutants. There are many different environmental remediation methods, and they often depend on the chemicals or toxic substances present. Some remediation will take place on the site with the soil or water treated without it being removed. Other jobs may call for removing the contaminated soil and disposal in a landfill, for instance.

Whichever one is right for the worksite you have in mind, it’s essential to take precautions to avoid any risk to workers or individuals in the area. You also need to follow all environmental regulations for remediation, disposal, and monitoring of the location.

Deloury Industries is available to help with your project if you need assistance or direction. Remediation can be challenging to do safely and completely, so reach out if you have questions.


What to Consider before Demolishing a Building

Tearing down a building safely is more than a matter of just smashing walls and hauling off the rubble. It’s a process that has to be approached with a measure of care and planning. In fact, the actual work begins before the building is even touched. You need to include permits, a site survey, and consideration of the local area.

As a noted general contractor in Boston, MA, Deloury Industries has a great deal of experience with this task. We’re going to discuss what you need to think about before demolition.

It’s important to conduct a risk assessment to be certain you’ve taken all considerations into account before commencing with demolition. This will help prevent any danger to your workforce of the surrounding environment. An experienced general contractor makes sure all services such as electricity, gas, and water are disconnected.

Once all the preparation work is completed. Then the final decision is which demolition method, or combination of techniques, to use. This will depend on the size of the building, its proximity to other structures, whether any parts of the property will be preserved, and the equipment you have available.

If you have any questions about building demolition, Deloury Industries is happy to answer your questions.

Why You Should Consider Metal Buildings

Metal Buildings in Boston, MAYou might have noticed that more and more metal buildings in Boston, MA, are being built. What you may not know is why. We want to help you find the answer to that question by exploring steel buildings and how they have proven themselves to be a better investment—dollar for dollar—now and later.

Comparable to wood and other conventional building materials in price, when you start to look at buildings larger than 1,200 sq. ft., steel buildings quickly begin to set themselves apart from the competition. Here are just some of the different reasons more people are turning to metal for their building projects:

Low Maintenance – Steel buildings are some of the most uncomplicated buildings to clean and maintain. You won’t have to worry about peeling, fading, chalking, or cracking—issues you have to keep in mind with structures made from brick or wood.

Energy-Efficient – With the right insulation, steel buildings make it easier to save money on cooling and heating costs.

Durable – Since they are made from metal, these structures are ready to withstand constant abuse from intense weather conditions, including snow, rain, wind, and even seismic events.

Pest Resistant – Termites and other destructive pests will not be able to do any damage to your metal structure.

Fire Retardant – Steel is not susceptible to fire, which means these hazards are less likely to do major damage when compared to wood structures.

Less Expensive to Insure – With superior strength and durability, insurance companies are usually more than happy to insure your steel building at a cost much less than other less-resistant buildings.


What Is a Snow Melting Machine?

Snow Melting Machine in Boston, MATechnology has made it easier than before to reduce the dangers that can come with heavy snowfall. One of the most significant advancements available to us is the impressive snow melting machine in Boston, MA, that can quickly turn snow into water. You might be asking yourself, however, “How exactly do these machines work?” Luckily, we’ve got the answer for you!

These submerged combustion snow melters use hot flames to meltdown the snow into a water bath. This water is then moved through a discharge pipe and expelled. Any debris, trash, or other particulate matter that is scooped up with the snow is trapped during the process so that they aren’t introduced into the stormwater system.

These machines are rated by how many tons of snow they can melt in one hour and have quickly proven to be an essential tool when heavy snows come around. From clearing away driveways and sidewalks to complete roadways, if you are expecting more than a few inches of snow, then you are going to want to take advantage of what these machines can do for you. They are an essential tool in efficient and effective snow management.

Types of Demolition Methods

Demolition in Boston, MAWhen it comes to civic development, it is sometimes necessary to destroy old structures in order to make room for new ones. There are many reasons to consider demolition in Boston, MA. At the same time, there are different ways to approach a demolition project. This post will briefly talk about the two leading ways to demolish buildings.

Non-Explosive Methods

As its name suggests, non-explosive demolition involves the removal of a building without explosives. Depending on the height of the building, different equipment will be used. The most common equipment includes sledgehammers, bulldozers, and excavators. Structures that stand more than seven stories might require the use of wrecking balls.

Explosive Methods

The more dramatic category of demolition involves using explosives. Implosion is the most common method, as it minimizes the amount of debris and the risk of collateral damage to neighboring structures. The implosion technique destroys the main supports of a building, causing it to collapse on itself.

Cleanup and Setup

No matter the type of demolition used, cleanup is required before construction may continue. Bulldozers and excavators can be utilized to clear away debris. Cleanup is a multifaceted effort, and it requires a coordinated team to minimize downtime.

After cleaning up the debris, the construction company may now prepare the site for the new structure.

The Steps to Making a New Road

Road Construction in Boston, MARoads are the foundation of a connected society. Without them, people would have trouble moving from one place to another, and the economy would halt to a standstill. As such, there always seems to be a high demand for road construction in Boston, MA.

Despite their necessity, many factors come into building a new road–and they range from administrative obstacles to practical issues on the worksite. This post will briefly cover the different steps to road construction.

From Start to Finish

First things first: most projects involving roads will require a healthy amount of planning and preparation. City planners and local governments will need to make careful decisions on where to place new roads. This can include working with the community, zoning considerations, and determining whether a proposed stretch of land is the best fit for the situation. Preparing the worksite will require if the land can be used for roads and similar development initiatives.

After determining where road construction should take place, it is time to work with a road construction contractor. While there will be a bidding process to determine who gets to build the road, building roads has general steps that apply to virtually all situations. They are:

  • Land Clearing and Grubbing
  • Site Leveling
  • Underground Infrastructure Mapping
  • Curbing
  • Paving
  • Concrete Sidewalk Installations
  • Lighting Installation

Naturally, the circumstances of the project will determine the length and complexity of that each step will take. All in all, road construction is a vital type of project that allows the rest of society to function.

The Benefits of Salt Spreading in Boston, MA

Salt Spreading in Boston, MAWinter is practically here, so break out the winter jackets and snow tires. Many people do not relish the season of cold mornings, snowy days, and even colder nights. With winter comes snow, ice, and everything in between on our sidewalks, front lawns, and roads. Take heart, though, because an effective way to keep your walkways, driveway, and roads clear of ice and snow is salt spreading in Boston, MA. Here are a few of the many benefits that come with salt spreading in the winter.

Safer For Pedestrians

Whether people are walking to work or around the block when sidewalks aren’t clear of snow and ice, it increases the risk of slips and falls. In many areas, it is the responsibility of homeowners to clear the snow and ice from sidewalks in front of their houses.

Fewer Accidents

Salt spreading can be used to help ensure that any snow or ice left behind by shovels and sidewalk plows melts quickly and effectively. This reduces the risk of motor vehicle collisions, helping to prevent accidents and protect pedestrians.


A few bags of salt are often required per season, depending on the number of uses and the surface area you need to cover. If you compare these costs to the cost of a lawsuit from a pedestrian slipping and falling outside of your house, the savings are significant.

Snow Melting Equipment in Boston, MA

Snow Melting Equipment in Boston, MAAn increasing number of snow and ice management professionals that haul large amounts of snow have found alternative methods to avoid high snow hauling costs. Snow melting equipment in Boston, MA, is the trend that is helping some firms save money.

These large machines resemble dumpsters and are hauled to the commercial customer’s site using a semi or a pickup truck. Mountains of snow are loaded into them, and then a heating element melts it all into a liquid, which flows out from the machine. The process can often rid a whole site of snow without a single trip in a dump truck.

The biggest users of snow melting equipment have typically been municipalities, airports, and military bases, but we’ve seen an uptick in their use among private contractors, especially in urban areas that don’t have the areas to dump large amounts of snow.

Avoiding snow farms isn’t the only benefit. Firms that use snow melting equipment have seen significant cuts in equipment and labor costs. A lean snow melting crew needs only one employee plowing and piling and another loading and melting. A hauling crew is similar until you add dump truck drivers. The biggest advantage to consider is how this equipment will make snow removal companies more efficient and save customers money.