Erecting Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

At Deloury Industries, our general contractors, our team of diverse professionals aims to help your business in any way that you see fit. As a preferred Butler® builder, we can help your business by creating a building design that’s tailor-made to meet your production requirements, no matter what they are. When you invest in our pre-engineered metal buildings, you’ll receive a new work environment that’s engineered to fit your exact specifications. Let us create a building for you that will add value to your bottom line for years to come.

The True North Ale Company is located on Boston’s North Shore in historic Ipswich, Massachusetts.
Deloury Industries provided a turn key solution from the site work to the construction of the Pre-Engineered Building.

Enjoy Reliable Performance from Butler® Buildings

Our team believes that taking a detailed approach to even the smallest building components adds up to a high-quality, durable finished product. When you turn to our contractors for a new metal building, we’ll provide you with a flexible building system that’s sure to meet your design and performance needs. Our prefab buildings are made with the highest-quality components. Their features include:

  • Acrylic-Coated, Galvanized Structural Members
  • Butlerib® II Roof and Wall System Fasteners
  • Factory Punching
  • Flexible Ridges
  • Gable Trims
  • Internal Flange Roof Curb Designs
  • Kynar 500® and Hylar 5000® Finishes
  • MR-24 Roof System Clips
  • Staggered Panel Splices
  • Steel Rod Bracing
  • Weathertight Seams

We believe our innovative pre-engineered metal buildings are the answers to your building challenges. Put our dedicated contractors to work for you and see how easily we can streamline the building process for you.

Enjoy Top-Quality Buildings from Our Dedicated Contractors

As is the case with any work we’re called to perform, when you turn our skilled contractors for Butler® buildings, you can rest assured you’ll receive exceptional workmanship from start to finish. We consider it our duty to provide our clients with timely, professional work no matter what the nature of their project.

When you turn our contractors for prefab buildings, you can always expect accountability at every step of your build. With our rich knowledge and industry expertise, we’re more than prepared to foresee any challenges with your project and offer excellent solutions. Reach out to our team to establish a point of contact with your building team and get a customized building system that’s sure to meet your performance needs year after year.

Contact our team for customized metal building designs that are sure to meet your performance requirements. Based in Andover, Massachusetts, we proudly provide our services to clients throughout the Northeast.