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100 Burtt Road
Suite G01
Andover, MA 01810
Tel: 978-475-8153
Fax: 978-475-7177

FOR CONTRACTORS: Agretech provides disposal services to a wide range of trade clientele including developers, municipalities, general contractors, site contractors, demolition contractors and utility contractors. We also provide removal services for homeowners.

The ability to provide aggressive pricing, superior service, professional edict and quality assurance has positioned Agretech as a leader in the disposal industry.

Our state-of-the-art processing and disposal facilities present a picture of amazing scale and organization that is both awesome and impressive. Agretech provides services that are professional, strategic, systematic, timely. Agretech has reprocessed nearly 2 million cubic yards of asphalt, brick and concrete—keeping it from being buried in landfills. Agretech has taken this material, manufactured it into structural road base gravel, and put it back into the economy. Again, it is service that separates Agretech from other companies.

Disposal Services:

Disposal: 10-Wheel Load 10-Wheel Load of Disposal
Disposal: 14-Wheel Load 14-Wheel Load of Disposal
Disposal: 1-Ton Load 1-Ton Load of Disposal
Disposal: 6-Wheel Load 6-Wheel Load of Disposal
Disposal: Pick Up Load Pick Up Load of Disposal
Disposal: D10 10-Wheel Dump Disposal
Disposal: D14 14-Wheel Dump Disposal
Disposal: D18 18-Wheel Dump Disposal
Disposal: D18P 18-Wheel Disposal Pickup
Disposal: D1T 1-Ton Dump Disposal
Disposal: D6W 6-Wheel Dump Disposal
Disposal: DPU Pick Up Truck Dump Disposal
Equipment: Tractor Tractor Trailer Rental
Equipment: Triaxle Rental Triaxle Truck Rental

Call Marcy to make arrangements for your disposal needs at 978-475-8153.

US Green Building Council Member

Constuction Materials Recycling Association Member

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